Collaboration with Showroom MAMA

Lilith’s games combine dark and lowbrow humour, the serene and the occult, and the sober and the destructible. While discarding with the usual rules dictating most video games, they incorporate typical gaming visuals and concepts: exchangeable currencies, collectables, and environmental storytelling, Lilith often subverts the ways such concepts function, describing her works as dreamscapes or sur- realistic versions of her reality. These games don’t encourage specific goals, other than offering a tinkering, toy-like experience by testing boundaries and seeing how the game responds.

Oneiric Gardens was presented at intersections during art Rotterdam week as an installation that gradually lures its players in. Elements from Lilith’s illusory game world surround the computer in a captivating installation, allowing visitors to wander through her visions In Real Life. Look closely, and you might find hidden clues to help you progress through the game. It is coming back to the Overkill and Lilith herself with the support of Showroom MAMA and Het Nieuwe Instituut will be present at the festival to present her work.

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