fur >> SnakePit

Snake, the video game classic from the Cretaceous of computer games, faithful companion to Nokia mobile phones and dreary MS-DOS PCs, has been reinterpreted as a full contact game for 2 or more players of all ages by //////////fur////. Likewise the original, players control a snake around the screen eating apples to grow while avoiding to bite their own or the opponent’s tail. However, the monochrome display and fingertip controls have been replaced by a large-format floor projection with four yellow and four red foot switches distributed along the outer edges. To change the direction of their snake, players need to run to and step on the corresponding switch.

What seems like a leisurely walk in the park at the beginning quickly evolves into a wild and action packed jump’n’run game in which physical coordination and mental freshness are required. Cutting across the counterfeits path occurs only by chance at first, but as the game gains momentum, intentional lack of sportsmanship in the form of shoving and tripping might furthermore heighten the attraction.

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