The Overkill is a 48+1 hour nonstop playful event focused on digital culture. The festival shows connections between different media and their influence on today’s society. During an intense weekend we invite you to play a great selection of games, watch an original movie program, interact and experience impressive art installations! The Overkill is an open platform, a flexible space for creative minds to meet and an intense time to share thoughts and experience. With our partners we are bringing together artists, developers, entrepreneurs, students and a young public trying to explore the edges of the gaming culture.

As for us, organisation, as for our public playing is the core element of this creative event. We believe that playing is really important and that we should take the time for it. We believe game is a source of socializing, a diplomatic tool, a stress releaser, a way to learn or master things and an amazing way to spend your time! The Overkill presents a great amount of games, but is also a playful experience in itself.

“Come and play with us!”

The video games are our starting point. The art form where it all comes together. It is really important to us to present the games, the movies and the art installations together in the context of an entertaining weekend. We are highlighting the connections between the different medias, creating bridges to capture their essence and trying to suggest new ways to look at them in order to understand their relation to our society. Storytelling, interactivity, animation, design, programming, sound art, all ‘new’ media combined to create immersive environments where we can experience art in a contemporary shape that enables us to look at ourselves in the eye, face our fears, escape from reality and playfully meet the other.

One of the festival’s motivations is to reveal the roots of mainstream media in counter culture and the underground art scene. Globalization and the sheer speed of the western lifestyle make it hard to keep up with our own history. The digital world is growing and is no longer new, it has a past of it’s own. We think you might like to know about it, explore its origins and get back on track, get ready for the future!

The Overkill is:

Aike Lutkemoller
Director /Board of directors / Production / Organisation / Game programer
Artist graduated from AKI (2009) Aike grew up with video games. Aike has his hands in different parts of the festival, from the game program to the production of the exhibition. As a director it is for Aike important to create a space and offer the time to play. It has to be as fun as critical, experimental and underground.
Specialty: (Retro) Games, Indie Madness
Marie Janin
art Director /Board of directors / Production / Organisation / Art programer
Artist and freelance curator Marie is interested in the impact of art in the popular culture. What is important to her is to make the festival an experimental and joyful platform. She is working to make the space of the festival a place of collaborations, where creative people, with different backgrounds can play with original mediums and create unexpected objects and experiences.
Specialty: (Indie) Art
Frank Schonewille
Organisation / Movie programer
Filmfreak, filmmaker, creative and all-time geek with organisational skills. Owner and manager of the online movie magazine Cultzine TOTF, former head programer of the BUT Film Festival and chief of (Poppodium) Atak TV.
Specialty: Splatstick, 80’s Retro Cartoons, Japanse Cinema
Dénis de Maat
Assistent Movie programer
BoardGames Geek, Crazy Cat Human, Casual PC Gamer, Cultzine TOTF Writer about Movies, Shorts and Boardgames. For The Overkill I’m going to the dark side of YouTube looking for the best fan movies and documentaries about games.
Specialty: Over the top, (Board) games, Fan movies
Ella Buzo
Organisation / Promotion
Organizer and curator in Tetem, Ella is a media art specialist. With an important Dutch and international art network and a long experience in the organisation of exhibitions, Ella supports the organisation of the art program and helps with the promotion of the festival as an interdisciplinary platform.
Specialty: (New) Media, Art, Technology
Jolanda Mensink
Organisation / Game programer/ Visuals
Artist and illustrator, Jolanda has a great passion for games from the most popular to the weirdest games to try out, Jolanda tests everything and gives her critical point of view. It has to look good, to sound good and most importantly you have to forget the rest and have fun!
Specialty: Indie games
Thomas de Groot
Organisation / Board of directors / Game programer
Academic working on serious gaming at the University of Twente, Thomas keeps an eye on the development of gaming technologies. Supporting the selection of indie games, introducing lecturers and questioning the technology, he is one of the game experts of the festival.
Specialty: Gaming technology, social crossover
Patrick Jonkman
Organisation / Music programer
Fan of 8 bit sounds, retro gaming and Acid Music, Patric is the Music expert. Working in collaboration with Eindbaas in Utrecht, Patrick brings the extra fun touch of the festival, the party!
Specialty: Retro Games, Chiptunes
Rea Vaandrager
Organisation / Board of directors
Rea has a lot of experience with organizing events and working with volunteers. She looks at the festival from a productional point of view and translates texts across diverse media of The Overkill. She is a fan of pop culture in cinema, series, books and has a Masters degree in Mario Kart.
Specialty: Mario Kart, Volunteers, Pop culture


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